Utho Jago Pakistan With Dr Shaista - 10 October 2012 On Geo Tv


Utho Jago Pakistan  Geo Tv
Utho Jago Pakistan
Channel: Geo TV
Hosts: Shaista Wahidi
Utho Jago Pakistan With Dr Shaista - 10 October 2012 On Geo Tv

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  1. The host of Geo TV’s historical transmission, Pehchan Ramazan and renowned religious scholar Dr. Aamir Liaquat expressed his views with great sorrow and grief on the incident of Malala Yousufzai in morning show of Dr. Shaista Wahidi ‘Utho Jago Pakistan’ he prayed for her and said "May Allah give her health and keep her safe from all evil"
    He further said "After hearing about the incident I was not able to sleep in the night, and had been gathering news regarding Malala Yousufzai, these are the two faces of our society, one is the incident of Kanwal, when somebody threw acid on her face and Ashar proposed her to spread smile on her face, and second is Malala was targeted when she was struggling for the rights of children education, she was rightful in her stance and these are the teaching of our holy Prophet Mohammad Sallaho Elehi Wassallam, and I ask the question to the responsible of this incident to show me, where in Islam it is lawful to shot 13 years old innocent child in the head?, while she was spreading education, in the light of teachings of Islam.
    Irony of the situation is that culprits are not even ashamed of their act, this is nothing but an barbaric act, this is even worst then of stone ages, no honorable man could raise hand on innocent girls.
    I pray to Allah Subhanhu Talla, for the sake of Muhammad Sallaho Elehi Wassallam, give her all the happiness of life, and she would carry on with her mission, I wish that we came out of ignorance and bloodshed of innocents; I wish that we see the peace and harmony again with our own eyes.... Ameen
    I regret to make your program very sad and really don't wish to say much on this tragic incident.
    Come Back Malala…..!
    The whole nation is praying for you. We are proud of you. You unveiled the filthy face of ignorance, intolerance and terrorism... We need you back and fight for the peace in Pakistan. May Allah give you health and wellness to stand against extremism, Ameen.
    I am disheartened, crushed and shattered...
    Aamir Liaquat Hussain


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